Why can’t I just get my staff to test for Legionella? Why should I use Pure Water?

Author: Mock Webware |

Reason #1 – You’ll know that it’s going to get done, and done the “right way”. Your staff are overburdened with the day-to-day maintenance of your buildings. Even though it’s not their fault, sometimes tasks slip through the cracks and get forgotten. That’s not a big deal if they forget to change a flickering light bulb, but it’s a big deal if they forget to test your water for Legionella — especially if you have it.

At Pure Water, our monitoring is done automatically, that way you can “set it, and forget it.” And every month you’ll know that we did our job because we’ll send you your Legionella report and maintain your legionella free certification.

Reason #2 – “Ownership of liability”. Having your staff do Legionella testing opens you up for liability. And here’s why: If testing was done incorrectly, or worse forgotten, your company will be held liable if there is a legionella outbreak.

That’s why having a third-party company, like Pure Water, is the best defence to combat ​legal action against you. We take the legal burden of testing for Legionella off your shoulders and puts it onto ours. We’ll monitor and certify your building “Legionella free” which could ultimately save you from large lawsuits and waste a lot of your precious time.