Legionella is a serious and potentially fatal infectious disease. People get infected by breathing in the water aresols, which contain Legionella bacterium from contaminated water systems.

When someone is infected, the‚Äčir symptoms are surprisingly similar to the wheezing from pneumonia but can turn fatal in under 3 days, which is often too late.

Here at Pure Water, we test, monitor, and certify you “Legionella free.” Our certified and experienced team take the responsibility for compliance off your shoulders and onto ours. We’ ve partnered with the leading Legionella lab in Canada, and use the most scientifically accurate testing available. So sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

We only do water testing, and we do it right.

We’re great at one thing: Testing and detecting legionella before anyone else does. That’s why we’re called specialists, we’re awesome at that, and that alone.

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Pure Water Compliance is a full service Legionella testing and monitoring Company. Our mission in to be compliant with the latest in government compliant requirements and testing frequencies. We are equipped to handle everything from regular weekly and monthly testing to chemical and mechanical cleaning and disinfecting services. 

We are partnered, supported, and aligned with the leading labs in the industry. 

We are on call 24/7 as the demands of the safety and health of our communities and business are of our main focus.

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