Are you worried about Legionella in your building?

Legionella is a serious and potentially fatal infectious disease. People get infected by breathing in the water aresols, which contain Legionella bacterium from contaminated water systems.
When someone is infected, the​ir symptoms are surprisingly similar to the wheezing from pneumonia but can turn fatal in under 3 days, which is often too late.

Why Choose Pure Water Compliance?

  • Factory trained and OEM certified for all leading water treatment equipment and processes
  • Small Town feel - we can always be reached on our personal cell numbers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free quotes and customer support
  • As a company, we believe in being answerable to our customers after completing the testing job too!
  • Over 500 active monthly customers and a long list of high-profile references

Here’s how you’re liable:

Legionella bacteria thrive in water temperatures between 25°C and 45°C That means your cooling towers, showers, decorative fountains, and jacuzzis are the perfect breeding ground for Legionella to lurk in and spread to people.

Get protected against Legionella now

And that’s why we created Pure Water.
A water testing & monitoring company in Toronto,
Ontario that’ll make all your Legionella worries vanish.

Here at Pure Water Compliance, we test, monitor, and certify you “Legionella free.” Our certified and experienced team take the responsibility for compliance off your shoulders and onto ours. We’ ve partnered with the leading Legionella lab in Canada, and use the most scientifically accurate testing available. So sit back and relax, we’ve got you covered.

We only do water testing, and we do it right.

We’re great at one thing: Testing and detecting legionella before anyone else does. That’s why we’re called legionella testing specialists, we’re awesome at that, and that alone.

No slimy sales pitches

It bugs us when someone tries to sell something to us that we don’t need. We understand that useless upsells eat into your bottom line.
That’s why we are 100% independent and have no products to sell. Nadda, zilch, none.

Legionella testing is different than Water Treatment testing

service areas

Regular bacteria testing isn’t comprehensive enough to detect Legionella. And that's the testing water treatment
companies use today.

Here at Pure Water, we only do one thing: test and monitor for legionella. That’s it. We follow the latest guidelines outlined by Public Works Canada. That means you’ll know that your Legionella testing and detection is being done to the highest standard. And that’s why we can put it in writing and certify you “Legionella free.”

Get your water tested for Legionella today.


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